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Sparks is a once in a lifetime horse!

He is a kind and honest soul that is happy to go and do what YOU want to do! Sparks is on the right sale -- because he is a CADILLAC to ride. His lope is rocking chair quality that will make any rider look pretty in the saddle.

Sparks has been trail ridden all over the rugged Ozarks of Missouri... If you are brave enough to ride "the trail less traveled", Sparks is the horse you want to take -- safely and with elegance.

He has that easy ground covering walk that any cowboy would cherish. He will walk all day long, at the back of the pack, or in the lead. He rates himself to the group, so you may enjoy the scenery with comfort and confidence.

Sparks is equally at home in the arena. His lope departures are flawless and his transitions and "power-steering" make him a good choice for ranch horse shows or trail events. He is also very solid on the barrel pattern and will float around the cloverleaf pattern with ease. However, he is not known for his speed. He is more "whoa than go", and is most happy at a nice walk or a comfortable lope.

Sparks comes from the Longhorn Arena at Mt. Vernon, Missouri, so he has virtually seen it all!. He is a GREAT horse to gather stubborn roping steers or flighty yearlings. He has been a regular as a turn back horse for the cutters. He is also a blast if you want to rope the Smarty Steer or breakaway a few calves...

Sparks will catch YOU in the pasture. He would rather hang with HIS human than with other horses... Sparks is a best friend... You can trust him, see the world on him, or just let him be YOUR safe place.

2011 15.1hh


Amye Donaldson

Mount Vernon, Missouri