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Salty is an absolute standout! He is as beautiful as he is good to have around. If you have a one horse trailer and never know what you might get into, this is the horse for you!

Salty is a finished ranch horse and rope horse. Head, heel, breakaway, and even tiedown on Salty!!

Salty has been one of my go to ranch horses. We have used him on several big ranches in Texas and New Mexico. He is great to sort, gather, brand and wean. We have used Salty outside to doctor wheat pasture cattle. Salty has been hauled and used at the Working Cowboys Ranch Rodeo Association.

He has been to town to see all of the light and noises. This horse is 100% sound and 100% gentle. It does not matter how long you leave Salty off he will not be tight or cinchy.

Salty is a pleasure to own. He will meet you at the gate ready for the day. Please come try Salty before the sale, I promise you will not be disappointed! Look for him on social media under Wilson Cattle!

2015 15.1hh


Brooke Wilson

Canyon, Texas