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War Wagon is a super nice Shire/Quarter horse cross gelding that we raised right here in Sheridan Wyoming. He stands 15.3 hands tall and is 4 years old.

This wonderful gelding has been a pleasure to have around and ride all along. He has been my main mount all last summer in the Big Horn Mountains where we ride on a grazing permit taking care of cows. He has seen many many trail miles and travels out with a nice stride on a loose rein and with confidence.

He has a nice neck rein and will go anywhere you point him. He has also been used down on the ranch to help halter break and gentle colts and starting young ones.

He is good with the bullwhip, tarps, bouncy balls, carrying flags, going over bridges and logs, thru downed timber, thru the rocks and any other obstacle you can dream of.

War Wagon also rides nice in the arena. He goes right into a nice canter right from a walk and picks his leads. He is very very nice and fun to ride as he has just the right amount of feel and athletic ability to be fun for an experienced rider, but then yet gentle enough to put anybody on and go for a ride. He literally just adapts to the rider and situation and tries so hard to please. He also sidepasses nice and softly, does turnarounds, backs and stops correctly as well.

War Wagon will also come right over to a panel, rock or stool for you to get on and off and will also lay down on cue. I am also having a lot of fun with him doing some liberty training.

This is an all around nice gelding that I believe most anybody should be able to get along with and enjoy. He was started the right way as a 2 at a Buck Brannaman colt starting clinic and has never had any buck to him even from day one of being saddled and he has always had a very people friendly and kind personality and just wants to be your friend.

He loads in a trailer well, he is good with his feet, he stands polite to be saddled and bridled and to get on and off, he rides off by him self or in a group good, he pastures well with other horses, is good to bathe and groom. There really isn't any bad things to say about him. He is a problem free horses with no vices.

There will be a new up to date video posted on him a month or so before sale day, so stay tuned. For updates, videos and more pictures, please follow our website videos and pictures will also be posted on my facebook (look for Christina Bach Tift) and you are of course always welcome to call me; I would love to tell you all about him and get to know you.

Christina Tift

Banner, Wyoming