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Looky, Looky here! We are very excited and pleased to present to you this gem of a quarter horse.

Rain is a well bred, 4 year old, 15.1 hand, well bred AQHA gelding. He carries names like Smart Little Lena, Doc O'Lena and Peppy San Badger in his pedigree. He was started in a top performance barn for training and knows all the buttons from stops, spins, side passes, roll backs and working cattle and has a fabulous neck rein and is so easy for anyone to ride.

His gaits from walk, jog, lope are so so smooth and a joy to ride. His "melt-your-heart" personality will tug at your strings. He loves to be groomed, looks for you when you come to the barn and will come running when you call him in from the pasture.

He has miles and miles of trail riding experience and has been on overnight trips, stood on the picket line and always handles himself like a gentleman. He settles in with ease no matter where we take him.

Rain has been one fun horse to take through our program. He loves people and he loves to please and learns things so easily. He will be a horse that you will look forward to going the barn to see. Rain is not a horse that has to be ridden each and every day to be the same.

He truly is a solid citizen that will make you one awesome equine partner. We look forward to speaking with you soon about Rain.

Ina Yoder

Millersburg, Ohio