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Quigley is fancy to look at and fancy to ride. He is built correctly, and has a long flaxy mane and tail to go along with it.
Quigley rides around soft in the bridle and soft to your feet. He lopes nice circles, does flying lead changes, slides, spins and does it all with ease. Quigley is gentle, kind, easy to handle, shoe, bathe, clip, haul etc........ He has spent plenty of time out on the ranch and travels well outside. He crosses water, has an easy to ride stride, will sort in the pens, hold one while you doctor it, and rope in the arena as well.
Quigley is a well-rounded horse that will shine in any setting from the show ring to the trails, arena performance work or on the ranch. He isn't spooky, handles new situations like a veteran, is good with dogs, tarps, gunfire, traffic and most anything else we show him. Quigley has been in our program over a year and we feel he will fit a variety of riders and skill levels.
He's easy to love; call or text with any questions or to set up a time to come try him out.

Kera Washburn

Cedar City, Utah