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Now here is one good looking all around horse for anyone to enjoy for sure.

Laredo is a 4 year old, 14.1 hand, Gypsy cob gelding that is very well trained to ride and drive. Anyone of any level of experience can get along with. He has an awesome build that will fit a child or a grandmother.

This guy has the most loving personality and thrives on attention. He will come running in from the pasture when you call, and he will greet you with a soft nicker when he sees you. Laredo was raised down the road from our property and we knew from birth that he was going to be an incredible fit into our program.

He loves to learn and is easy to train no what what we throw at him. He has been on numerous trail rides and overnight pack trips. He stands tied to the picket line or where we tie him without causing a fuss.

Laredo can move out or come back slow and fit you where you are at with your riding. He has one of the most comfortable gaits around with his a walk trot and canter.

He is truly is a quiet all around horse that is gentle enough with no bad habits and will give anyone their confidence back if they lost it. We look forward to speaking with you about Laredo soon.

Ina Yoder

Millersburg, Ohio