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Everyone in my family, from 3yrs to 90 yrs old, has ridden Jake working cows on our ranch!

I personally halter-broke Jake as a baby & put a half dozen rides on him bareback in the fall of his yearling year; it was obvious he was going to be an amazing horse.  At 2.5 yrs old we started him under saddle, pasture riding & started working cattle on him as a 3yr old.  Jake has never put a hump in his back or bucked.  Exceptionally easy to train.

He is my husband's favorite choice to doctor calves on, dependable in tough situations, kind & willing with our little girl Alice, & always willing to try anything you ask.

Alice started riding in front of  my husband moving cattle before she was two yrs. old.  Alice always wanted to hold the reins, & we were surprised when he started neck reining for her. She was riding him alone in the corral before she was 3.

Jake is very cowy, and for the last two years has been a go-to horse when one of us has an important job to get done.

Gentle and never skittish, he can be turned out for months & catches up just as broke as the last time he was ridden.  He catches up out in the pasture in a bunch of horses without grain, & then rides home, alone in a halter bareback. I can even ride double with my little girl bareback and lead several horses home at the same time.

He will ride bridle-less/ no neck rope, out in the open.

He is an ambitious working cow horse,  but gentle enough for any level rider.  You can rope and doctor a calf on Jake, then put Alice's saddle on him and she can help continue moving cattle. He is safe in rough country, alongside ATV's and in traffic.

As much as we hate to see him go, a lot of mornings I catch Jake and then look around the corral and decide I better ride one that needs the training. He is just too nice a horse to sit around our place.

At just 6 years old, 15.1 hh, he is sure footed, level headed, been exposed to about every kind of terrain, including traffic.  His video is as honest as it gets.

Jake truly is an amazing horse. I would love to have you out to the ranch to meet & ride him!


Anne Nelson

Lewellen, Nebraska