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Boudreaux has made us understand the craze for "feather footed" horses. His gentle, kind demeanor is second to none. We absolutely love this big, gentle giant.

He is 100% safe on the ground and on his back. He will pack any level of rider, young or old. Boudreaux is sired by a Quarter Horse/Percheron stallion and out of a Friesian mare. He is jet black and measures 15.3 hands.

To start your day with Boudreaux, simply whistle at the pasture gate and he comes like a big lovable puppy dog. Then signal him to lay down and climb aboard. Or stand on your mounting block and he will side pass over to you and stands quietly until asked to move forward.

Boudreaux was raised on large ranch in Montana. He has seen big country and has been ridden all over in the mountains. He is very sure footed and knows exactly where his feet land. He has been many miles gathering cattle in rough country and he knows what a day's work is all about.

Boudreaux has pulled the feed wagon pasture to pasture. He hooks up easily and guides willingly, patiently waiting at each stop to feed the cow/calf pairs. Boudreaux has miles and miles of trail riding experience and will take any new challenge on with zero hesitation. He will willing go right where you send him, through any type of terrain. He is the same steady-eddie where ever you take him.

He does great in a group of horses and will lead or follow without an issue. Boudreaux is smooth strided and easy to sit.

He has gorgeous movement and I feel like he would excel in lower level dressage. He also has an unbelievable amount of natural cow and is super fun in the sorting pens. We have roped and drug calves on him. He has so much natural talent in many areas.

Boudreaux's laid back disposition and lovable personality makes him a barn favorite.

If the "feather footed horses' are your cup of tea, you will have to come check him out. We truly believe he is one of a kind.

Sarah McKibben

Whitesboro, Texas