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Mister Twoeyed TT, afectionately known as "Blue" is a handsome gentleman. He has been ridden by all ages and all skill levels.

While trail riding, he crosses creeks and navigates any terrain. Does not show a preference to either leading or following, he's just happy to be included.

He has been used in ranch work to sort cattle and sheep. He does a marvelous job in the roping arena and will head or heel. Blue performs very well through the Cowboy Challenge Obstacle Courses.

He enjoys all aspects of grooming, standing well for bathing, braiding and farrier services. Loads and unloads without any problem. He will come right to you for an easy mount.

Will lie down and responds beautifully to voice commands.

2011 model. 14.3hh


Kristin Epperson

Galax, VA