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Flashy, quiet and soft! Sparrow is an all around nice gelding. He is an "in your pocket" type and is soft in the mouth and sides.

Started on a ranch with a year of ranch work to his credit, he opens gates, sorts cattle, drags calves, and does all the ranch chores with ease.

His calm demeanor makes him one of the nicest horses I have ever ridden to gather a big bunch of horses on. He will idle up to get around them, stop to open a gate and stand flat footed to let you get back on. Sorts horses with ease and stays quiet all the while.

Sparrow is just as handsome under an English saddle. For kicks we have played him in a few chukkers of low level polo and he takes the swinging mallets, flying balls and bumping horses all in stride.

Sparrow rides off by himself, is good on the trails, crosses water and carefully picks his way through rough country.

We have put kids on him that have never ridden and he was an absolute prince.

This is a nice young gelding that is safe and gentle while being pretty to boot! Follow him on social media at Vaya con Dios Equine.

Give us a call and come try him. You won't be sorry.

2015 16hh


Ryan Sankey

Joliet, Montana