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Big and pretty and gentle! Biz checks all the boxes.

We have had this gelding for 3 years and in that time we have used him like a hammer on our outfit. Gather and sort horses, packed flags at rodeos, broke other horses to drive, used him in photoshoots, let the guests ride him and more.

As he matured we got curious about his lineage and did a DNA test (photo above) that came back showing Percheron and Lipizzaner! His carriage backs up those findings. He has a bright eye, long flowing tail and that beautiful gray color.

On the trail he is an ace! He is very sure footed, will cross any kind of water and goes where you point him.

In the arena we have put a variety of riders on him to carry flags and take introductions on, all under the bright lights with loud music and big crowds. He loads well and is good to haul.

When I broke my back last spring he was laid off for 7 weeks and the first time we saddled him after that was to let an equine travel writer go to a branding. He took very good care of her.

At 17 hh he is big enough to pack around a big man and gentle enough to be enjoyed by the smallest woman. He will sidepass to a fence, bucket, rock, bale of hay, or anything else you can think of, to let you get on.

Biz has excellent ground manners, is easy to catch, good to bathe and has good hard feet.

Follow his social media at cowgirl_cadillacs_biz for videos and photos all the way to sale day.

Give me a call and try this nice gelding!

Ryan Sankey

Joliet, Montana