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This stunning gelding is as fancy broke as they come ; lead changes, spins, slides. He does everything with the style you'd expect from his pedigree.

Excellence and versatility run in his blood - he's by the Yellow Roan of Texas (LTE $73,000) and out of a daughter of Spooks Gotta Gun. Barracuda is the total package - use him to rope, ranch, show or pleasure ride, he will be your top pick no matter what the day brings. A rare gem, he's flashy, cowy, broke, sane and sound. He's a horse anyone will be proud to have in their barn.

There's much more to Barracuda than his stunning looks; he's built to last a lifetime with outstanding conformation. (15hh, 1150#) In addition to being skilled in the arena, he's very experienced outside. Always fun to ride, he's been my personal pick to use in the rugged NM mountains gathering cattle on a ranch since the spring of his three year old year. He's sure footed and trustworthy through any terrain and will go all day long until the job is done. Although young, he has the mentality and quiet temperament of an aged horse.

Always willing and eager to please with more whoa than go, Barracuda's quiet, gentle temperament has made training easy. Nothing rattles his easygoing demeanor.

Barracuda is incredibly friendly and he'll meet you at the gate, ready to go for whatever the day brings. Jump on bareback with a halter if you'e in a hurry, he'll be the same whether you rode him yesterday or a month ago. One of the smartest horses that I've ever had the pleasure of owning, Barracuda will lay down on command and is learning more tricks daily.

His charismatic attitude makes everyone fall in love with him when they meet him.


Malaika Castillo

Belen, New Mexico