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Every horse here has been hand selected! We look for horses that are well-broke, classy and, above all, safe. Each horse comes with documentation of vaccinations, a certificate of soundness from a certified veterinarian, health certificate and brand inspection. Specialty Risk Insurance also offers 5 days of complimentary mortality insurance.

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Lot 1: NOT BERRY RUF (Ruffy)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 14.2 hh

A confidence booster through and through. Ruffy is a trained reiner and experienced trail hand with the looks and the character to win your heart.

Lot 2: DUAL PLAYDUN (Mocha)

2016 APHA Gelding :: 14.2 hh

Mocha is a trained cutter, outstanding ranch horse, great to sort on, turn back in the cutting pen, or take to the ranch shows! He is gentle and easy to be around.

Lot 3: HTW SHADES OF BLU (Rimrock)

2017 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

NCHA earnings and is the perfect example of how a good gelding should behave. He's very respectful with a gentle nature. Cool colored besides, he is the kind to make people envious.

Lot 4: OKIES DUAL BUCK (Oakley)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

Oakley is an easy to maneuver gelding, with a nice handle and gentle temperament. Having been hauled to dozens of events, he has the experience to be your steady partner.

Lot 5: WS HANCOCK GEE WHIZ (Danny Phantom)

2019 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

Danny is so much fun to ride and suitable for most anyone. He is naturally low-headed and will go around that way all day long. Broke the very best with all the buttons and a few fun tricks.


2017 Gypsy Gelding :: 15.1 hh

This elegant gelding is a complete gentleman to have around with a puppy dog personality and is always eager to please.


2016 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

The definition of an all-around gelding: extensive ranch experience, fancy handle, ready to go show, light english riding and always gentle.

Lot 8: HUNTIN THE COWS (Tarzan)

2015 AQHA Gelding :: 13.2 hh

That height is not a typo; this little horse packs a huge amount of talent into a short package! Outstanding heel horse with the patience of Job, beautiful handle and super versatile.

Lot 9: MG RED DUN IT (Button)

2016 AQHA Gelding :: 14.2 hh

He has some cool moves moves in the arena, has a warm, funny personality and not a spooky hair on his body!

Lot 10: GUN SHY FRECKLE (Casanova)

2019 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

Cute head, cool color and trail miles from the Wasatch Mountains to the red rocks of Utah.

Lot 11: Pluto

2016 Gypsy Gelding :: 14.3 hh

If you want to know what makes the gypsy breed so popular, take a look here! Not a mean bone in his body, up for anything and oh so pretty to boot!

Lot 12: Wilson

2019 Draft-Cross Gelding :: 16.3 hh

Do not let his size fool you! Wilson has incredible rideability and can canter circles, do lead changes, spins, and side passes just like your quarter horses, but with a little bit more style.

Lot 13: RIVER PLAY (Butters)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

Ranch Versatility classes to skijoring to pub crawls, Butters has done it!


2018 APHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Peanut is a happy little fellow who wants to make you happy too! Easy to ride and always a joy, just sit back and relax on the trails.

Lot 15: WILD NIGHT (Pumba)

2016 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

A true finished ranch horse with all the miles and experience to back it up! Take him to the Ranch Riding or Ranch Versatility classes or enjoy him on the trails.

Lot 16: A CLASSIC BOOK (Booker)

2017 AQHA Gelding :: 15.3 hh

Bred to run, started heading steers, being seasoned as a barrel horse and quiet enough for anyone to enjoy.

Lot 17: KOHLS THE TAX MAN SD (Tax Man)

2018 Gypsy Vanner Gelding :: 15 HH

One of the coolest colored horses we have ever offered! Besides his striking good looks, he is incredibly gentle with loads of trail miles.

Lot 18: CHICS NOT RUF (Chickie)

2016 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

$4500+ NRHA earnings plus Chickie has spent plenty of time outside on the ranch, trail and in the roping pen. A true "all-around" package.

Lot 19: PEPPY BAR DUDE (Slinky)

2017 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

Work or play, Slinky is up for it; play a makeshift polo game, track the roping dummy or step over a slew of pool noodles that the kids claim is a ranch obstacle.

Lot 20: DUN IT STRAIT OLENA (Melvin)

2016 APHA Gelding :: 14.1 hh

Check out this pedigree! Bred the best and colorful to boot. Add to that his stellar personality and ability and you have a killer horse to learn to rope on or a fantastic step up horse for a kid.


2018 AQHA Mare :: 15.3 hh

 Mona is a versatile family horse for your kids to rope, run barrels, or go to the horse shows on.

Lot 22: DOC REY TIVEO (Spirit)

2019 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Spirit is exceptionally trained in the arena as well as out on the trails. He has a fancy handle and is the gentle, in your back pocket type of guy that loves all the attention he can get.

Lot 23: RODE TRIP (Rodey)

2016 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Rodey has been ridden out on the trail and in the arena; he aims to please in all aspects and is sure to win you over.


2019 AQHA Gelding :: 16 hh

 This true blue gelding comes with an old soul, real life ranch experience, a fancy bridle horse handle, and all the personality in the world.


2016 RMHA Mare :: 14.2 hh

That unique color, along with a "can do" attitude make Aspen a favorite of grandmas and kids alike.


2018 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

He really is "above average"! The very best reining training, a truly laid back personality and experience on the ranch and trail, not to mention he is cute as a button!

Lot 27: TIFFS BAR CHEX (Cotton)

2014 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Safe and solid! Head, heel or breakaway, ranch or trail ride on him! He is great at it all.

Lot 28: MMB GOT SPOT (Jasper)

2019 APHA Gelding :: 14.2 hh

Jasper is gentle, safe and patient and a great horse for the whole family. Rope, ranch, trail ride; Jasper is extremely versatile.


2018 AQHA Mare :: 14.1 hh

A pedigree full of winners and producers, sweet personality, loads of ability and the handle everyone is looking for, all wrapped up in that pretty roan color.

Lot 30: Taquilla

2019 Grade Gelding :: 15 hh

Easy going personality  with loads of trail miles.

Lot 31: PEPS SMART ONE GUN (Maverick)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

Maverick was started in a cow horse versatility program and would be great candidate to show in the ranch versatility, ranch riding or just be your whole families favorite leisure horse.

Lot 32: METALLIC VON ROAN (Lightning)

2018 AQHA Mare :: 15 hh

The looks, the pedigree and the temperament; this nice young mare has it all! With ranch and show experience, she is ready to go on with you.

Lot 33: Jackpot

2016 Spotted Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Jackpot has a fun loving personality, is a blast on the trail or a trip to the coffee shop and will also do all the party tricks like the yoga ball, tarp, sled, and leaf blower.

Lot 34: WOUND UP N RUFF (Chili Dog)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

Chili Dog is a one of a kind, beautiful, finished, type of gelding, trained in the arena or outside riding down the trails,

Lot 35: TACOMA OF WYNSTAR (Tacoma)

2016 Gypsy Vanner Gelding :: 14 hh

Fun and willing! Throw in his striking good looks and Tacoma is the whole package for your next equine adventure.

Lot 36: WATCH UR STEP (Leo)

2013 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

With his perfect blaze, blonde mane and tail and golden coat, he is sure to catch your eye. This guy is a true all-around horse that anyone will enjoy no matter what their level of riding is.

Lot 37: ALMOST SOBERR (Sober)

2017 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

Hubba, hubba! Sober has professional training in Reining, Working Cow Horse, and Ranch Riding. You can take him to any show pen you like and turn heads everywhere you go!

Lot 38: SCENICS BLACK GOLD (Cleveland)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

Experience makes a rider friendly trail horse and this gelding has it in spades.


2014 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Ike is a top hand on the ranch, a reliable pony horse and a babysitter for the kids, all wrapped up in that sweet chocolate buckskin color.

Lot 40: HAID TO BE SHOW BIZ (Houston)

2010 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Houston is like having an insurance policy! Been there and done that, this gelding has a master's degree in teaching kids and building confidence in riders.

Lot 41: SF STUNNING BOON (Taser)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

If you're looking for a secret weapon to bring to a show pen near you, this red roan charmer is what you've been waiting for. Trails, ranching, heeling... the list goes on.

Lot 42: DJ LITTLE WILD BOY (Silver)

2019 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

Here is a beautiful, talented, uniquely colored gelding! Trails to the roping pen or take him on to some Ranch Versatility shows.

Lot 43: CR BLACK SUN (Spider)

2017 AQHA Gelding :: 15.1 hh

That fancy black color with just enough chrome and all the outside miles you could ask for! Well trained and solid.

Lot 44: PAINTED BY ZIPMAN (Chrome)

2018 APHA Gelding :: 15.2 hh

Effortless to ride with an inquisitive personality, Chrome is ready for your ranch riding at the show or the real thing.


2017 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

Goose is gentle gentle, very trained in the arena, ranch ridden, stays broke with time off, and has the best manners!


2017 AQHA Gelding :: 14.3 hh

This all-around gelding is the whole package! Take him to a branding, load him up and head to the show or a play day right after, he'll be ready.

Lot 47: CHEX IN THE MAIL (Chex)

2018 AQHA Gelding :: 15 hh

Chex has a solid foundation in reining and could easily go into ranch versatility, reining or competitive trail riding. Gentle and safe to ride and be around.

Lot 48: DANDY'S BEAU (Beau)

2019 Gypsy Horse Association Gelding :: 15 HH

Athletic Friesian/Gypsy Cross gelding with three smooth gaits and he will be the same day in and day out.


2019 Gypsy Vanner Gelding :: 15 hh

Proficient in cowboy dressage, trail riding, and ranch work, Crusader is a joy to be around.

Lot 50: MS GET A CLU (River)

2015 AQHA/APHA Mare :: 15 hh

Trails, clinics, cow work, obstacle courses, swimming holes, team sorting, ranch work.. she has done it all!

Lot 51: Thunder

2019 Draft-Cross Gelding :: 13.3 hh

Gentle to ride and drive, and is easy to catch. Noise, tarps, flags, etc., do not bother him a bit.

Lot 52: SS VOO YA GONNA CALL (Wilbur)

2019 AQHA Gelding :: 14.2 hh

Bridleless Champion title in the Pro Division at the International Liberty Horse Association Championship, loads of fun liberty tricks, a beautiful handle and sweet personality.

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