Megan Hansen


A genuine love for making a reliable horse, for the whole family to enjoy, has been a steady, driving force in Megan’s life. The personal connections she makes with her customers and the horses themselves is evident and she is proud to be passing that same desire on to her son, Wyatt, and daughter, Teagan.

There are not many horse related activities Megan hasn’t been exposed to. At just 3 years old, her passion for showing took hold and it shaped the next few decades of her life. Even through childhood leukemia treatments, horses remained a constant, motivating force as nothing healed more than the horses waiting at home. It simply solidified that her life wouldn’t be complete without horses.

Throughout her POA youth career she showed in everything from halter, and showmanship, to hunter under saddle events, along with horsemanship, trail, and western pleasure. Her focus then shifted to producing dependable mounts for kids and non-pros alike. With more than 100 POA World, Congress and Futurity titles to her name, coaching new horse and rider teams became the next reward. Her futurity horses transitioned easily into caretakers both in and out of the show arena.

Today, she and her husband, Andy, are thrilled that Wyatt and Teagan share the same love for  horses. Building well-trained horses has truly become a family affair. Throughout the year, their horses are exposed to countless disciplines including team roping, trail riding, skijoring, branding, gathering and doctoring cattle, jumping, ranch work and ranch horse shows- where Teagan won her first buckle;-)

Megan and Teagan both want to be known for devoting time to each horse, being able to recognize their strengths and allow them their individuality. Keeping those ideals at the forefront of their training helps to ensure they can honestly represent each horse. They truly value the relationships they build with new owners. Teagan says it best, “When we get updates, it makes me feel grateful, because they went to good homes and they are taking care of their owner.”