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Megan Cobb, of J Arrow Horses, has been raised riding horses and ranching.  First and foremost she strives for a broke horse that can do many jobs. Megan loves to have a versatile horse.

Since everyone in the Cobb family likes to ride, her horses get exposed to many different things. Megan likes to ride barrel horses and rope horses. Coyle likes to ride anything that they will let him get on ("except buckers" as he says, and we ALL agree on that one), and Teale claims all the horses. Just ask her.

J Arrow horses have been ridden outside in the Snake River and Wallowa Mountains, as well as in the arena, down the trail, at rodeos, ropings, parades and local shows. Megan's philosophy on a horse is that it should be well rounded and easy to operate. Jerry, Megan, Coyle and Teale all have a part in the making of each of these horses. Megan feels extremely lucky to raise her children doing what they love.

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