Lisa Lockhart

12 qualifications to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for Lisa Lockhart began with her childhood as a farm and ranch girl in Circle, Montana. A pony named “Dandy” was her babysitter in the fenced yard, and from then on there was no stopping what she fondly terms her "horse crazy" life.  From youth rodeos at age six to the hours of bareback riding for fun, being horse back in one form or another has helped Lisa become the professional barrel racer she is today.
She and her husband Grady (along with 3 children) live in Oelrichs, South Dakota where they ranch, train horses, and rodeo. Their young horses start out with ranch riding and then will eventually get a chance at being used in both the roping and barrel racing events. Lisa credits the joy in learning something new from each horse every day as a staple of her program. One of the greatest strengths in her training is recognizing the unique style and personality of each horse is a treasure.
There are few resumes as impressive as Lisa Lockhart's; 2 time Reserve World Champion, twice the winner of The American and 4 qualifications to the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Grateful for the amazing career as a professional barrel racer and having the a fierce drive to be competitive, she is especially fond of being home with her family, riding and training horses!

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