Alise Holst specializes in quality, versatile, user friendly geldings that almost anyone can enjoy.

Alise grew up in Minnesota and has always had a passion for horses. Growing up, if there were horses involved, Alise was there.  In college she really got the opportunity to train horses and that became her passion. It was always her dream to live out west. That dream has become a reality and a lifestyle.

Today, Alise loves taking her horses up the mountain and using them for hunting, pack trips, and trail rides. She believes that’s what really makes a horse. She also love branding in the springtime and summers are filled with rodeos and ranch work.

Winter finds Alise in Arizona where she really focuses on team roping and the breakaway roping horse.

Alise believes a good ranch foundation makes a horse experienced and ready for any task they may be asked to do. First and foremost Alise strives to make sure the horses she offers have been hauled and seen a lot of country.

Combining a love of what she does with a passion for fitting the right horse to the right owner, Alise works to create well rounded, versatile horses, that have the experience and training to take in any direction.


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