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Zorro brings his friesian heritage in looks, ability and disposition. He is graceful, elegant and commands attention with responsiveness, athletic performance and beauty. Standing 15.1hh and weighing 1125#s, he is stunning. 

A 2014 model, he has experience ranching and roping, traveling in the pasture and crossing streams and creeks. He offers a great trail ride and is easy traveling. Neck reins, takes his leads easily, and strives to please. He is a joyful horse for work or play!

He has good endurance for ranch work and handles cattle well on the end of a rope. Zorro has a calm disposition and is very gentle. He is easy to shoe, clip, load, bathe, bridle and saddle. He navigates the bridge and other trail obstacles with ease, carries the flag, and gets along well with other horses.
Very people friendly.

Zorro is a fancy individual that typifies the best of both Friesian and Quarter horse breeds. Offered for your consideration to be sound and safe.

Dana Boone

Gainsville, Texas
940.372.4057  940.727.2775