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Treat yourself to the ZIGGY package! A vibrant sorrel with matching socks on hind legs. His is strong, athletic and handsome. True representation of FORM to FUNCTION!

Foaled in 2012, he now stands 15.1hh and weighs in at 1150#s. Friendly and fun, Ziggy has a well mannered, calm demeanor and will greet you at
the gate. He loves attention and grooming. Ziggy is extremely well broke and comes with all the bells and whistles! Ropes, reins, slide, spins, will cut a cow, go down the fence, then settle in and get you a prize in ranch pleasure or host a pleasurable ride down the trail. Easy lead changer, big slides, and fast spins.

Ziggy is soft moving and collected at all gaits. Always gentle.

If you are the discriminating buyer that wants a “cherry in your Coke”, here he is! He does it all with class and style.


Dana Boone

Gainsville, Texas
940.372.4057  940.727.2775