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Rose is an all-around exceptional horse for whatever purpose you have for her. By her breeding, she has all the speed you need to catch a cow, run barrels or win that Extreme Cowboy race.

She is very sensible and handles all kinds of obstacles, including tarps, teeter totters, stairs, gates, flags, dragging barrels, etc with ease. She can be ridden in everything from a spade bit to bridleless.

Rose has been ridden extensively in the mountains, crosses rivers and is sure-footed and safe. She is a smooth traveler and can cover a lot of ground, easily, in whatever situation she is in. She is beautiful to behold and her name tells the story of her colour, being a lovely red roan which is almost pink. This is completed with a great mane and tail.

Rose is a lovely mare in the prime of her life. For one you will enjoy owning, take a look at Rose.


Donna Smith-Bronson

Okotoks Alberta