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Pitchfork is one fancy looking yellow horse. He stands about 15 hands and has a snow white mane and tail.

Conformationally, he is flawless, straight, correct, and tailor made. Pitchfork has been a part of our family for 4 years and we have enjoyed him very much. We have ridden him on the ranch and on the trails. We have roped cattle in the pastures, sent him across creeks and deadfall and have asked him to pony younger horses and ridden him around traffic and in high pressure environments, as well as the arena, indoors and out.

Lana will jump on him bareback with a halter and lead rope and take him out for a ride. Pitchfork is incredibly fun to ride. His gaits are smooth and easy to sit. He is extremely talented and athletic; this horse could make a top end rope horse very easily. He is very fun to train and learns quickly. He can also be laid off for long periods and he will pick right up where you left off. Pitchfork is always looking to please. He is trained to ride with seat and leg ques, he collects and uses his body exceptionally well. Pitchfork lopes nice circles and really uses his hind end. He is a very enjoyable horse to be around and gets along well in the pasture.

His barn manners are awesome; he stands quietly and patiently when he is tied up. He enjoys grooming and attention and tacks up easily. He is good for the farrier and enjoys bathes. He loads and hauls easy.

Pitchfork has been an incredibly fun horse for our family and we are going to miss him.


Jill Houck

North Branch MN