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Monty, the horse of different color, rides English or western, trails or arena.

Cheryl, our 11yr old daughter, has been on numerous trails with him.  Monty crosses water , logs , mud and is great on obstacles.  He rides quiet in large groups and doesn't mind being in the lead or riding drag. Monty will also ride off by himself with no problem. Cheryl has had him on the state roads and in the traffic; nothing seems to phase him.

He will collect up, pick up both leads , responds well to leg cues, sidepasses etc. Monty is quiet in the barn and has lots of personality. He is easy to catch and LOVES people. At 15.3 hh he is big enough to carry a larger man and quiet enough to pack the kids. 

Ladies if you want that one of a kind unique forever partner be sure to not miss this once in a life time opportunity. Very clean legged and sound. Stunning + Friendly + Laid Back + Unique + Spots= MONTY. 

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Ruby Raber

Millersburg OH