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Montgomery is a very good looking horse that is a pleasure to be around.

I have used Montgomery in all phases of ranch work the past few years on west Texas ranches like the Tongue River Ranch and the LX Ranch. We gather, brand and sort on him. I also use Montgomery to rope and doctor lots of outside cattle. He has been used in the feedyard extensively. He knows how to open and shut gates and will watch a cow. Montgomery stays gentle even when the wind is blowing and its very cold outside.

Stands 15 hand and weighs 1,250 pounds and is black as they come!

We own a cow/calf operation in the Texas Panhandle area and run 6,000 to 8,000 head of wheat/grass yearlings a year. With that being said, Montgomery has had plenty of opportunity to be put to work, which has made him the horse that he is today. He turns everyone's head that sees him!!


Brook Wilson

Canyon Texas