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This gelding has the kindest soul and sweetest disposition.

We purchased Legend as an un-started 3yr old, and have done every aspect of his training, from his first ride, all the way to reining clinics and parades. He has been an absolute gentleman to work with the entire way; he has never offered to buck, bolt, do anything naughty, and has zero “baggage,” bad habits or unknown elements.

While he is certainly a big boy, he is very athletic and has an excellent handle on him; he has a good stop, rides one handed or on a direct rein, has a nice turnaround, lovely lateral movement, shoulder and hip control, and soft, balanced transitions.

He’s relaxed and enjoyable to ride in the mountains and through rough terrain as he is thoughtful about where he puts his feet, and safely and calmly navigates the boggy areas, water crossings, over bridges and downfall.

He packs flags, ponies colts, opens and closes gates, picks you up off of a the mounting block and stands still while you climb on, and is traffic safe.

He has been used for Working Equitation, mounted drill team, parades, ranch horse versatility, cattle sortings, helped start colts, been ridden to the bar, and has been a lesson horse for intermediate to advanced kid lessons. His barn nickname is Marshmallow as he is such a big sweet softy that everyone loves.

Legend has the disposition and personality to be someone’s big loving backyard pet, but the has the education, talent and ability to easily go be in the ribbons at shows. He already has lived up to his name, this boy is and will be Legendary.

Visit our Facebook page ‘Skogen-Barnette Horses and Barnette Horsemanship’ for pictures, videos, and updates on Legend all the way up to sale day!

Stephanie Barnette

Belgrade Montana