Dirty Harrey

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Dirty Harrey will forever hold a very special place in our family's heart. He has been a member of our family for 3 years and we have enjoyed every minute of it.

Dirty Harrey is a good sized Gypsy; he stands about 15.1 and he is thick and stout. At 4 years old my boy would go out and ride Dirty Harrey bareback by himself. I have a neurologic disorder that has left me physically handicapped and I need the safest, quietest horse around  and Dirty Harrey has been that horse for me. Dirty Harrey has been hauled to lots and lots of charity events and public appearances to help promote charities. We made his own clothing line to sell to help raise money for charities. He has his own Facebook page, has been in the paper, on the news, and in magazines. We have hauled him to rodeos for grand entries and promotional events and he has been used for memorial tributes. I have lost count of how many American Flags he has carried.

We let anybody and everybody ride Harrey, from little kids, to handicapped women to celebrities. Anyone that wants a ride gets one!

We have drug calves to the fire in the branding pen, he has been to the State Parks on trail rides, he has pulled skiers at the Skijoring events, he has entered Gypsy Vanner photo contests and won and I could go on and on and on with the things we have done with Dirty Harrey.

Harrey is very well trained and easy to ride, he has a personality that is human like, with a big heart of gold. This horse understands English better than my Husband, and if I get irritated with him all I have to do is give him the look and he straightens right up, my Husband still hasn't figured out "the look".

Dirty Harrey's sire "The Lion King" was labeled "The Legendary Gypsy Horse Stallion". It was said that Gypsy horse history was made when they imported The Lion King from England to Colorado. Gypsy breeders overseas will tell you that The Lion King is the Best Stallion who ever lived.

It is has been an incredibly hard decision to sell Dirty Harrey; every morning I walk out our front door he is standing at the fence waiting for me to love on him. However our kids are heavily involved in rodeos and we all know how expensive that can get. We have had a tremendous amount of fun with Harrey and now its time for another family to enjoy him like we have. Check out Dirty Harreys Facebook page for years of photos and videos.

dirty harrey

Jill Houck

North Branch MN