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This gelding is the total package. He handles like a reiner, works like a using horse, and is as quiet as a plow horse.

Started with a reining foundation, this horse will turn around quick and correct, circle quiet and low headed, change leads like a dream, and stop hard. He has been used often to start colts, unbothered by the endless pushing and pulling and he will patiently stand ground tied in the middle of a pen, holding a colt, dallied to his saddle horn. This guy wants to be cowy and is super handy sorting in the pens, as well as on a flag.

Though this horse is fancy, he can also humble himself and willingly drag calves to the fire, or buckle down and pull a truck. Aside from all the work, this horse is fun to show off on by doing tricks such as bowing, laying down, and sitting.

This gelding has an incredible mindset being very enjoyable to be around. He is easy on a farrier, willing to jump up in any trailer, patient to stand tied, and quiet to clip. This gelding is 100 % sound, never having any health or soundness issues. Stands 15.2hh. He has no vices or quirks, being completely sane. This is a one and a million kind of horse that everyone wants standing in their barn.

Vivian Kincaid

Richmond MO