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Amigo is a very personable, quiet and very well trained. He has been in the reining pen and is ready to go compete on. We have also started roping out of the box on him and he scores and rates a steer well.

Amigo is also great on the trails, very sure footed. I consider Amigo safe for all levels of riders; our 4yr old son can walk, trot, and canter him in the arena. Our family has had Amigo in numerous performances ,including The Horsemans Mission where he did a freestyle reining performance cracking whips ,shooting guns and all.

What a star; he LOVES the bright lights and the grandstands going wild. Amigo has also been used as a model horse for Weaver Leather company. Amigo is quiet in the barn and he will always meet you at the gate. Stands to shoe, clip, and bathe etc. Stands 15.1hh and weighs 1,100 pounds. 

Check out his Facebook page: "Amigo" Chiclets Golden Song.

Beauty + Class + Talent + Athlete + Friendly + Personality = AMIGO.


Ruby Raber

Millersburg OH