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DashingOutOfSight (Dash)

2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Coming from feature consignor Lisa Lockhart, this fancy gelding has it all! Speed-bred papers, a completely gentle attitude and loads of actual life experience! Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime horse!


Shine Ginger Shine (Bling)

2013 AQHA Palomino Mare
Fancy paper, fancy handle and a fancy look you can't deny. This mare has been shown lightly and is ready to go show in reining, Cowhorse, ranch riding and ranch versatility events!

Sail on Goldseeker (Too Tall)

2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Too Tall is a big friendly teddy bear; he is very gentle and quite to be around. He has more whoa then go, but this horse can really run if asked. Solid, dependable, finished ranch horse.

Lucys Blue Pepto (Berry)

2014 AQHA Roan Mare
Friendly and gentle with loads of ranch experience and a light start in the arena. Take this young mare and go any direction you like!  


HR Palo Duro Poco (Duelly)

2010 AQHA Palomino Gelding
He’s an all-around gelding! From the trails, to the ranch, to the roping arena. He fits all these categories. Leave Duelly off for a month or ride every day; he’s the exact same horse and always up for the job.



2012 Frisian Gelding
This horse was made for this sale; he is truly a cowgirl's cadillac! 
He is a fancy, smooth moving, and classy with the perfect combination of having feel and athletic ability, but yet still gentle, easy to ride and willing.


2009 Peruvian Paso Gelding
Now here is something a little different! A Peruvian Paso with all the charm you can imagine in one! Unbelievably smooth to ride, safe and gentle. As a bonus, his videos are pretty entertaining!

SLR Mr Amos (Amos)

2011 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
Bred to run and happy to walk! Amos is a delightful ladies horse with his calm demeanor, easy moves and real-world experience. This is the kind of gelding you would be happy to put your mom on.


Slydun High On Sugar (Sylvester)

2010 AQHA Dun Gelding
A true red dun gelding with ranching and mountain experience. Gentle and easy to be around in a cowgirl-cool color!


Vintage Raven (Fifty)

2013 AQHA Black Gelding
Handsome! Rides, ropes, slides and spins; this beautiful black gelding is the whole package. 


People are Crazy (Maverick)

2010 APHA Gelding
Not just another pretty face; this horse is handy enough for the foreman and special enough for the foremen's wife. Gentle, super broke and all the ranching experience you could want in one.

Miss Neverey (Jelly Roll)

2012 AQHA Sorrel Mare
Coming from Lari Dee Guy! This little mare has lots of charisma. She is quiet and gentle, but can turn on the heat when asked. Breakaway or keep going on the barrel pattern.

Mo Mo Cat "Moe"

2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Head or heel, put your husband on him for a trail ride and then head to the cutting pen just because you can! This little horse can do it all and give you a chance to just have fun with it.  


Color Me Skipper (Razoo)

2010 APHA Black Paint Gelding
The definition of a "head turner"! Loud colored and has the ride to match.  Push botton, super comfy, easy attitude and nothing bothers him! Razoo is a NRHA reining money earner and has a huge record in the American Paint Horse Association


2012 Grulla Molly Mule
Aspen is truly a dream to ride! Experience to spare and easy going personality with power steering and the smoothest walk we have ever enjoyed.


2005 Black Pony Mare Paint
She moves like a big horse and will do everything a big horse will, but in a handy pony size!

Palos Si Olena (Bons)

2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Rope, Ranch, Shoot, Trail Ride, work a cow or go fly a kite (no, really!); this stout-made gelding is ready for it all! As cow-bred as you can get one and a gentle disposition to go with it.


CRS Roan Bar Shorty (Auggy)

2009 AQHA Roan Gelding
Keen little gelding that will really watch a cow and knows his job on a ranch. Quiet and gentle with no buck. Carries himself well and is ready to take care of you.

Wild Indian Kat (Kat)

2013 AQHA Sorrel Mare
Cute, quick, athletic mare with a calm demeanor,kind eye and cow horse papers! Plus real-world experience and training from one of the best rope-horse guys in the business. 


WHR Kodak (Rambo)

2011 Gypsy Vanner Black Gelding
You don't see this every day!  Rambo will run a Reining pattern, rope a steer, ease you down the trail and do all kinds of fun tricks. Truly a joy and one of a kind.


2010 Brown 1/4 Draft Gelding
As well rounded of a gelding as you will find anywhere! If you do it on the ranch, the knows the job and he has been ridden English as well. Beautiful with a cadence to match.

Gunslingin Zeb (Pistol)

2015 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
Bred in the purple!! This fancy young gelding is gentle, performance bred and ready to go in the direction you choose. Started in the roping pen and barrel pattern, he is athletic enough to be a performance horse and gentle enough to be the family gelding.


DD Pacha Umberto (Neco)

2008 Canadian Horse Breeders Association Gelding
Little, cute, safe and fun! Take him down the trails or over the jumps, Western or English. Excellent bone and good feet. Safe and quiet always. 


Striker Zone (Stillwater)

2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Beautiful young gelding with lots of real-world ranch experience. 


Little Jettin Buck (Copper)

2012 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
He will be the most handsome in any crowd! Ranched on, roped cattle and trail ridden. 


Cat Madness (Louis)

2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Finished cutting horse with the training you want and earnings to prove it.


Gunsmoak (Smoker)

2010 AQHA Gray Gelding
Playgun AND Highbrow Cat on his papers plus experience on the ranch, in the cutting pen, roping both ends and running barrels. This thick made gelding is fun, fun, fun!


Wimpys Cable Guy (Rocco)

2012 APHA Black Gelding
Absolutely stunning own son of leading sire, Wimpys Little Step and he’s black! Rocco will steal your heart!  Super easy, honest and has push botton maneuvers. Fancy gelding that is the entire package.

Muddy Creeks Ace (Ace)

2012 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Finished ranch gelding with a heart of gold to go along with his gold color! Started heading in the arena and solid to rope on everywhere else, this is a gelding you can trust with your kids or grandma.


Red Man Frost (Marshal)

2008 AQHA Roan Gelding
A true "been there- done that" gelding. Head, heel, run barrels, ranch, shoot... he has done it all and been a cool roan color the whole time.   


Nitros Dualler (Dualler)

2012 AQHA Roan Mare
She's got her momma's good looks and her daddy's big stop! Lots of cow on her papers, a solid ranch foundation and a great start in the roping pen. Oh, and red roan every day of her life.



2015 Draft Cross Paint Gelding
Where do you start in bragging on this fancy draft cross? Safe, sane and sound are just the tip of the iceberg. Ridden in the mountains, down the road, through the crowds,as a lesson horse, over the jumps, through the river and to the bar a time or two. Friendly and easy to operate and he is just a coming 4 year old!



2013 AQHA Gray Mare
She is kind, quiet, gentle and easy to catch. The kids can ride her or she is hardy enough to do a full day's work. Lots of ranch experience.


Smart Tinsel (Tinsel)

2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
NRHA money winning gelding that is kid gentle with the added bonus of Smart Chic Olena on his papers. Big enough to get the job done and happy to go any direction you point him.


Boom Chugalugga Boom (Buddy)

2011 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Handsome, easy going and so smooth! Buddy has earned over $5,000 NRHA. Long sliding stops, fast spins, and a rocking chair lope to die for. Shoot, rope or trail besides! This is a nice gelding any way you take him.


Waitinginyourdreams (Beamer)

2008 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
A true "family horse". Everyone from true cowboys to novices have rode this horse and gotten along beautifully. All the ranch experience and the perfect age besides.



2011 Quarter Horse Sorrel Gelding
Ride him every day or once a year and have the same horse! Head, heel, ranch or trail, this gelding comes from a line of winners and is set up to be a winner for you.


Command Bux (Bux)

2010 AQHA Palomino Gelding
He is cowy working cattle, is confident and safe on the trails and is just a blast to ride for mounted shooting. Old fashion build and a fancy color besides!



2013 Gypsy Gelding
If you aren't drooling over this cool dude, we just don't know how to help you! Fancy broke to ride and as nice a driving horse as you could ask for. Gentle, quiet, there just isn't anything that bothers him. If you are looking for a dream horse, here he is.

Scoots Gold Chip (Swifty)

2009 AQHA Gray Gelding
Gentle enough for dudes and handy enough for the foreman; with both on his resume! Good build, good mind and good handle. This is just good gelding all the way around.



2012 Gypsy Vanner Gelding
Charlie has a fun, loving personality and enjoys being around people. He will always come look you up. Not to mention he is a registered Gypsy Vanner with four white legs and feathers to spare!

Jazarell Rey Ct (Steve)

2013 Bay AQHA Gelding
It is hard to say if this gelding is heavier on personality or cow-horse breeding; both are in steady supply. Trail, ranch, heel, breakaway or take him your own direction. This nice young gelding has all the pieces ready to put together for you.


John Coffey

2008 Percheron Cross Black Gelding
This gentle giant has ranched in West Texas, posted the colors, and seen the sights. Very quiet and aims to please! 


Lauras Last Flit RB (Pete)

2010 AQHA Bucksin Gelding
Gentle ranch gelding with a sweet, quiet nature that will steal your heart.


Smoky San Geno (Smoky)

2012 AQHA Gray Gelding
A rare one-owner gelding that is your go-to when a job needs done. Not to mention he is big, kind and handsome. You will enjoy this gelding for years to come...if you can wrestle him away from the kids.


Rising Telesis Cat (Red Bull)

2014 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
High Brow Cat, Doc O'Lena and Colonel Freckles all right there on his papers! Heeled lots of cattle, used at brandings and had lots of outside miles. Ready to go to the Ranch Versatility class or take him your own direction.


FQHR Two Blue Rivers (Raider)

2013 Roan AQHA Gelding
Beautiful, gentle and he has been in the best of hands! Just 5 years old and he knows what a days work is. Plus he has the breeding, the mind and the looks to make you enjoy whatever job you encounter.

JR Moon Play (Jed)

2005 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
A true gentleman that has literally "been there and done that". Ride him down the trail, learn to rope, play polo or just enjoy him on the ranch. A big, stand up gelding you will enjoy every day.



2006 Brown Molly Mule
A reliable molly mule that will move off your leg, has a jog you can ride all day and has seen nearly every trail obstacle in existence.


Mighty Swift (Happy)

2010 Gray AQHA Gelding
You will be happy with Happy! This pretty gray gelding has done it all. Start colts, run barrel, trail ride, work cattle and more.


rocky turning


Gunna Fly Now (Rocky)

2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
 A finished reiner with earnings there and in the Ranch Riding competitions. Well trained gelding that is ready for the whole family.


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Local Tee Time (Tee)

2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Been there, done that! NCHA money earner. Roping, ranching, or cutting, he is a winner in all areas. Soft traveling and gentle for all. Tee is honest, dependable, and fun. A quality individual, sound and sane.