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Oh Romeo. He leaves the ladies smitten and is always noticed (and drooled over) wherever he goes.

This gelding is such a character and has a huge personality along with great presence and charisma. He is an extremely bold, self-confident, forward horse that is always up for a challenge and is an absolute blast to have as a teammate. We purchased Romeo two years ago, unstarted, and have done all of his training; he has zero “unknowns,” bad habits or baggage.

This boy is 100% comfortable riding out on his own and doesn’t need any other horses around to rely on or get confidence from. For the person that likes to ride out and take solo adventures but feel safe at the same time, this guy is for you. He is 100% fine riding with others as well but exhibits more confidence than most at operating out alone.

Romeo has BIG gorgeous movement that would lend itself to excel in English disciplines beautifully, but he also knows how to shorten his stride and perform a comfortable a western jog and lope. He is soft and sensitive, has great shoulder and hip control, lateral movement, balanced transitions, can collect and extend all of his gaits, and has a solid start on flying changes.

Romeo has been used on many camping and pack trips, ponies a pack string with no problem, has done Working Equitation, mounted drill, been ridden to the bar, packed flags, used for advanced kid lessons, and has been in many parades. He is 100% traffic safe and incredibly brave in tight, chaotic situations.

This gelding would be a serious dressage, three day eventing, or working equitation contender, as well as being extremely competitive in obstacle challenges, endurance riding, or just plain trail and pleasure riding. He is extremely intelligent and dripping with talent.

Between his stunning looks, fancy movement and confident personality, he really is the entire package. Visit our Facebook page ‘Skogen-Barnette Horses and Barnette Horsemanship’ for pictures, videos, and updates on Romeo all the way up to sale day!

Stephanie Barnette

Belgrade Montana