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Rosie is the best girl!! You won't find another one like her! I've had her since she was born and now, she's my main show horse and also my best gal for all jobs on the ranch.

Her favorite thing to do is go to work. She has covered many miles trailing cows, sorting semi truck loads, weaning baby calves, doctoring, and branding. Rosie has also been shown in reined cowhorse, Ranch horse, rail classes (English and western), Halter, been out of the box, heads and heels, ridden over all terrain, knows her leads, excellent stop, spins, isn't buddy sour, has been loped around the barrels and pole pattern.

She is very laid back but will also get up and go when asked. If you asked her to take you to the moon, she would do everything in her power to make it happen without thinking twice about it.

Her sweet disposition is second to none and the epitome of a true Cowgirl Cadillac. I trust her with my 4 year old son and 7 year old niece and they have a total blast with her! When we get guests on the ranch that want to ride a horse for the first time, (young or old), Rosie is the first one I go to catch for them.

She runs out in our herd of 17 other horses, (mares and geldings) and she gets along fine with everybody. Rosie is a very easy keeper. Eats meadow grass in the summer and grass hay in the winter. Very easy to shoe and minds her manners.

Rosie is EXTREMELY fancy broke. Very light in her face and body. She has a lot to offer someone who wants to learn, or can help bring a competitor to the next level. She would also be a very trustworthy, fun, and sure footed trail companion. Don't let this once in a lifetime pretty girl pass you by!


Megan Fitzgerald

Plush, Oregon