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Goose is a special horse that we have enjoyed every minute with.

He’s built to last (15hh, 1150#s), super pretty, and absolutely gentle to go with it! Goose has spent a lot of time and miles outside so he travels well, crosses water, goes where you point him, and is a fun ride, alone or in a group.

He stays gentle even with time off and isn’t hot or silly. Goose isn’t spooky of new things, and has been around dogs, atvs, tarps, whips and gunfire. He rides around really nice, soft in the bridle, big stop, fancy turnaround, easy lead changes and pretty circles. Goose will run a steer down outside and hold him while you doctor, sort in the pens, and load cattle on the trailers.

He is also a nice head and heel horse in the arena, solid in the box, and easy to ride in every area. Goose is a willing partner to many levels of riders and most any discipline you choose to use him for. He’s quiet natured, very friendly, and sure to please in every way he can.


Kera Washburn

Cedar City, Utah