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This is one awesome, all around, melt your heart kind of horse. He is equally well trained to drive all over town as he is to ride over the toughest terrain.

Duke is a light boned 2016 draft cross gelding standing 16.0 hands tall. His striking grullo color with zebra stripes on his legs make him stand out above the rest.

He was born on a working ranch where he was started and then did all the aspects to working on the ranch. He was used for ranch roping and dragging calves to the fire, he was checking fence daily, moving herds and was exposed to all kinds of animals and farm equipment.

He was used a lot to go for drives into town, in heavy traffic, and never was bothered by any of it. He carries his home raised brand on his left hind which gives him more of that "western" cowgirl feel.

He has an awesome easy neck rein, knows his leads, side passes, backs and can do all the tricks. He really slid into our program with ease and took to everything that we taught him without blinking an eye. He has that "in your pocket" personality that we all look forward to when going to work with our horses. He aims to please, and he will go out of his way to do what you ask.

He can be ridden English or western and looks fabulous doing it. He has been on miles and mile of trail rides and goes over steep terrain, through waterways, over bridges, in traffic and can go out alone without an issue. He does well in a group and it does not matter where in the group you ride him. He has been on overnight trail rides, tied to the picket line and gets along with all the other horses. He can be kept out in the pasture and will come running when you whistle! He does not have any bad habits in the barn and can be turned out with a mixed herd as he is not the boss horse.

Duke has more experience and knowledge than most horses twice his age. His temperament makes him a joy to ride and his extra comfortable gaits make you never want to get out of the saddle. This guy can go barefoot, or be shod all around as we have him now. He has great feet, awesome bone structure and fantastic ridability. We look forward to speaking with you soon about Duke.

Alison Beiler

Millersburg, Ohio