2023 Horses

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Photos and videos will continue to be posted in the coming weeks, so check back often.

Every horse here has been hand selected! We look for horses that are well-broke, classy and, above all, safe. Each horse comes with documentation of vaccinations, and a certificate of soundness from a certified veterinarian. Specialty Risk Insurance also offers 5 days of complimentary mortality insurance.

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2019 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
If you want a safe, trained gelding to go kick their butt at the horse show, if you want a talented rope horse, if you just want your family to have the fanciest leisure horse with a fun personality, then look no further!


2014 Gypsy Vanner Gelding : 14.3 HH
Safe, safe, safe! Not only is Mario the most head turning horse in any herd, but he has a teddy bear personality that love attention and will win your heart.


2015 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
Diego has proven himself as a reining horse, ranch riding horse, trail horse, kids horse and working ranch horse.

Lot 4: PLAY CASH FEVER (Wallop)

2018 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Wallop = Honest. On the trail, in the team roping arena or on the ranch, Wallop is a solid citizen who is sure to please.


2017 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
Gentle enough for grandma, and handy enough for a genuine cowgirl. Poco is easy to ride and enjoyable wherever you take him.

Lot 6: SMART DIXIE BOY (Smarty Pants)

2019 AQHA Gelding : 15.1HH
Parades, working cattle, shooting guns, to any kind of trail obstacles we can find, Smarty Pants does it with a good attitude and sweet character.


2016 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
He's an old hand at the obstacle course, deluxe trail horse and starting to excel as a heel horse. Take Platinum your own direction.

Lot 8: Phoenix

2018 Draft-Cross Mare : 16.1 HH
This is truly a special mare! Not only is she beautiful, but she has the warmest, most welcoming attitude! Even on your worst day, she will make you smile.

Lot 9: FRITZ (Fritz)

2019 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
This is a very pretty, kind gelding that is a lot of fun to ride. He has the training and life experience to continue in the direction of your choosing.


2017 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
His fabulous good looks and big heart make Chrome a barn favorite. With lots of trail miles to his credit and the athletic ability to go in lots of different directions.

Lot 11: Rio

2018 Percheron/Quarter Horse Gelding : 16.1 HH
Western, English, Liberty, Bridleless or Driving - Rio is an ace at it all! This is a special gelding you don't want to miss.

Lot 12: WS JOHNNY CASH BEE A BOOMN (Johnny Cash)

2018 Gypsy x QH Gelding : 15.1 HH
Johnny Cash is a cool cross who's fun personality lends him to all sorts of fun! We have used him on the ranch, gone on lots of trail rides, enjoyed him in the branding pen and even turned a few steers for fun.

Lot 13: TAKEN DOWN THE MOB (Gangster)

2018 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
He has the looks, brains, talent and pedigree! Show ring, roping pen, trail or ranch, Gangster is the whole package.


2016 AQHA Gelding : 15.3 HH
Mellow is an outstanding head horse that anyone could rope off of! He has taken us to the winners circle countless times; this summer alone he has won over $15,000. Winning the Canadian World Series Finale #13 roping and #9 World Series. If you are just wanting to start team roping Mellow is very easy to ride and will take care of you.

Lot 15: WHTZ APP LADIES (Slushy)

2017 ApHC Gelding : 14.2 HH
Kind, safe and gentle, Slushy is every little girl's dream! Rock solid in any situation he is the ultimate fun to ride or drive.

Lot 16: UNO CASH ADVANCE (Old Spice)

2016 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Pretty, gentle and check out his pedigree! This beautiful gelding is the whole package.

Lot 17: HEY THERE MR JONES (Sunshine)

2018 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
Sunshine would excel in Ranch Versatility, Stock Horse, Cowhorse, and Ranch Riding classes and would be perfect for a youth or beginner competitor. A joy to own in every way.

Lot 18: ONCE IN A DARK ALLEY (Crockett)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 14.2HH
Here is a rare combination of ability and temperament! Quiet and gentle enough for the kids, but his impeccable pedigree comes through when asked to rope a steer or show off his moves.

Lot 19: CAT COLONEL THREE (Oakley)

2018 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Oakley has also been hauled on the heel side, he is quiet in the box makes the corner good and has a huge stop. We have also used Oakley for every ranch chore in the book and he is so gentle!


2013 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Family show horse, the go-to horse on a hill country ranch, trail ride horse, head horse: Bert does it all. City slicker relatives and the kids friends that really have no idea which side of a horse to get on always come home safe.

Lot 21: JUDGE JONEZ (Howdy)

2014 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
He has been shown successfully in reined cow horse and ranch versatility events. No nonsense, he stays honest and is 100% reliable. Fully equipped with all the buttons you need, but have no fear, if you don’t think you can handle the extra features… he prefers to conserve energy!


2019 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
Strider is an old soul in a young body! Ranch and trail experience marries perfectly with his kind temperament. Not to mention, he is that head-turning midnight black.

Lot 23: Dallas

2018 Draft-Cross Gelding : 14.1 HH
One of the easiest horses we have ever had to drive and he is just as steady under saddle. Grandparents to grandkids will love Dallas.


2018 Gypsy Vanner Gelding : 14 HH
Cute as a button, with a big personality and super fun to ride.

Lot 25: REY RAYO (Jungle Jim)

2016 Spotted Gypsy Vanner Cross Gelding : 15.2 HH
Jungle is the best partner to have in any situation. In the parade, climbing a mountain, or with the kids swinging all over him, Jungle Jim the one you will be proud to own.

Lot 26: CM HIGH BROW TRIPP (Tripp)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 16 HH
True blue in more ways than one! Tripp is a solid mount for the whole family with ranch, roping and trail experience.


2018 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Curly is always been a gentleman and 100% kind. He's safe for any level of rider and not spooky in any way. Good reining foundation and a "best friend" personality.

Lot 28: Admiral

2017 Shire/Friesian Gelding : 15.3HH
Wowza! Ride or drive and you are going to turn heads with the cool gelding. Gentle and safe on the trail or in harness.


2017 AQHA Gelding : 15.2HH
Big, Bold, Beautiful and Safe, Safe, Safe! Young, old and everyone in between will love his steady, confident way of going.

Lot 30: CASH FOR SHINERS (Kimbo)

2015 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
Kimbo has been to town to team roping jackpots, ranch rodeos, junior rodeos and ranching with peewees on his back. Trustworthy is an understatement.

Lot 31: DH UNO LIL AZURE (Concho)

2018 AQHA Gelding : 15.2 HH
This big gelding is graceful, stylish and has as much heart as you could put in one! Coming out of a reining program and ranch experience, he is the whole package.

Lot 32: Clyde

2011 John Mule : 15.2 HH
Clyde is one of the good ones! Proven grandma safe with a charming personality, smooth moving way of going and all the experience you could ask for.

Lot 33: LPR PEP OLENA REY (John Wayne)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
Everyone loves John Wayne! No matter the task at hand, John Wayne always gives you his very best with a willing attitude. From ranch chores to packing in the mountains, he is always dependable.


2018 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
"Friendly" is the best word to describe Boulder. He rides soft, keeps his head and is fancy bred.

Lot 35: SMOKIN EVER CINCH (Domino)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Big personality, good pedigree and that reining handle; Domino is fun in the show pen and on the trail or just hanging out in the pasture.


2014 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
An own son of the great High Brow Cat with his own impressive NCHA earnings, but Cinco is so much more than his resume! Absolutely safe in the arena or on the trail and charming, charming, charming.

Lot 37: PEPPERS DOUBLE STING (Crackerjack)

2018 APHA Gelding : 16 HH
Wow! Crackerjack come with professional dressage training, fun tricks and lots of trail experience in a variety of terrains.

Lot 38: Buttercup

2018 Gypsy/Pony Cross Gelding : 14 HH
True peace of mind is that Buttercup brings to the table! Ultra safe and cute as a bug, under saddle or in the harness, we just can not find a fault in this fancy gelding.


2015 AQHA Mare : 15 HH
A fancy pedigree is just the beginning for this nice mare! Extensive Working Cowhorse training and a super sweet and willing attitude make her the all around package.

Lot 40: SAILING TWICE (Barracuda)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 14.1 HH
Handsome AND charming! Barracuda is your first pick when you are looking for safe and quiet.

Lot 41: Luna

2017 Norwegian Fjord x Turkoman Mare : 15.2 HH
Here is something you won't find every day! Not just a pretty face, Luna is kind, well-broke and a fun ride.

Lot 42: PALE HIGH BROW (Pineapple)

2015 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
His versatile background makes him an outstanding, well-rounded individual both in and out of the arena. Shown in halter, leadline, ranch pleasure, and reining with multiple wins to his credit, Pineapple is the ultimate confidence builder in or out of the arena.

Lot 43: KR SMART TICKET (Fabio)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 15 HH
Fabio is a fun and easy reiner in the show ring, but don't let all his golden glamour fool you, Fabio is also a perfect gentleman out on the trail.

Lot 44: SPIKED MUSIC (Big Stew)

2018 APHA Gelding : 14.1 HH
Big Stew is the horse you will always choose to brighten your day! Whether it be for the kiddos to ride, or for you to take to town and show, or go to the breakaway jackpot, he's the one!

Lot 45: Boujee

2017 Gypsy Gelding : 14.1HH
Fun in a pretty package! In a harness or under saddle, Boujee is solid and gentle. With a solid foundation on the ranch and lots of hauling, he is ready for your adventures.

Lot 46: FACE MY GUNS (Half Pint)

2017 AQHA Gelding : 14 HH
Half Pint is one solid citizen! Successfully shown in the AQHA shows and super solid on the trails, he is a prime choice for a nervous husband or the kids.


2016 AQHA Gelding : 14.3 HH
Romeo has done a little bit of everything!  Team penning, team sorting, ranching, branding, used on the feedlot and started roping out of the box. Handy broke and gentle.

Lot 48: JAGSTER (Grant)

2013 AQHA Gelding : 15.1 HH
Grant is the sweetest! Easy to ride on the trail or in the reining shows even the most inexperienced rider will appreciate his ultra smooth gaits.


2017 AQHA Gelding : 15.2 HH
Elegance, grace, and a puppy dog gentle demeanor make up this beautiful gelding. Cruiser has been used on a ranch his entire life.  As safe and seasoned as they come.

Lot 50: Big Mac

2013 Draft-Cross Gelding : 15.2 HH
Big Mac is a smooth mover who is handy broke to both ride and drive. He is quiet and confident, and goes where you point him.

Lot 51: Sterling

2017 Iberian Gelding : 15.1 HH
Sterling makes makes you feel is simply majestic. Cow work to pirouettes, this fancy gelding is the whole package. He's very unique and you won't see one like him everyday.

Lot 52: Leo

2013 Grade Gelding : 16.3 HH
Attention everyone looking for a BIG horse that will get you some attention! Leo is not only big a flashy, but he has been on the ranch all his life and been to town to see the bright lights.

Lot 53: MCKINTOSH RED (McKintosh)

2013 Gypsy Vanner Gelding : 15 HH
That big, kind eye is no accident; McKintosh is a family favorite. All the ability and manners you could want, all wrapped up in that stunning package.

Lot 54: SMART WITH GUNS (Watson)

2015 AQHA Gelding : 14 HH
With NRHA earnings, ranch experience and promise as a heel horse, this all-around little horse is the whole package!

Lot 55: JD CROME (JD)

2014 AQHA Gelding : 15.2 HH
Tied to the fence or laying down a reining pattern this super nice gelding will turn heads!