2022 Horses

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Every horse here has been hand selected! We look for horses that are well-broke, classy and, above all, safe. Each horse comes with documentation of vaccinations, and a letter of soundness from a certified veterinarian. Western Lifestyles Insurance also offers 5 days of complimentary mortality insurance.

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2018 AQHA/APHA Gelding

This horse has all the smooth transitions and handiness that you need. This young gelding has been exposed to more than some older horses. He has been hauled to many horse shows as well as trail rode and pushed cattle.


Lot 2: WOOD U LOOK AT THAT (Glitter)

2015 APHA Mare

If you are in the market for a glamorous looking, elegant moving, and extremely gentle mare, look no further.


Lot 3: STORM SPOOK (Cortez)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Cortez has all the tools, ability and mind to go do whatever you want to do horseback. Go show, enjoy the trails, get a ranch job done or go rope a steer.


Lot 4: SMOKIN RED STEP (Jersey)

2016 AQHA Gelding

This is a well rounded gelding that is super broke and fun to ride. Whether you want to take him to the show pen or enjoy him down the trail.



2017 AQHA Gelding

"Go along and get along" is Wally's life motto. Loud gunfire, bullwhips, bicycles, scooters, 4 wheelers, dogs, wildlife, tarps, balls, you name it-he's comfortable with it. Everyone who handles him can recognize what a good citizen he is.



2017 APHA Gelding

Maverick loves people, kids and lots of attention. Just in the past year Maverick has packed flags at several big PRCA rodeos, proved himself excellent in the branding pen, sorted cattle, and played around in the mounted shooting.


Lot 7: MASTER DUN IT (Hollywood)

2014 AQHA Gelding

Proven NRHA winner! Go have fun in the show pen, or enjoy a rock solid ranch or trail horse. The choice is yours.



2017 Gypsy Sport Gelding

Ride or drive! Bo is the sweetest gelding. Always safe and easy for any level of rider, no matter the circumstance.


Lot 9: Sonny

2010 Quarter-Pony Gelding

Sonny really is a reliable, fun, pony that will let your little ones learn to ride and build their confidence. Sonny has a fantastic amount of handle and is suitable for the very beginners on up to the kiddos wanting to learn to rope and go to the play days.



2017 AQHA Gelding

Coming from the impressive Relentless Remuda, this gelding is the whole package; go win the Ranch Riding class, enjoy a mountain ride or drive him to town and he will be handsome the whole time.



2015 AQHA Gelding

He will steal your heart. Trained the very best in and out of the arena. Blue moon has been trained in reining and ranch riding. Shown at local shows by amateurs.


Lot 12: SMOKY STIRTZ (Smoky)

2014 AQHA Gelding

Hellllo handsome!! Ranched on extensively, a confident and willing trail horse and a safe partner for a low number roper, Smoky is the whole package.


Lot 13: WANDER ROYAL BLUE (Sherman)

2017 Friesian Sport Gelding

Not just big and blue, this guy has a resume too! Extensive use on the ranch and miles of travel as a clinician horse, Sherman is ready for whatever your adventure brings.



2016 Gypsy Gelding

Cadbury is the kind of horse people dream about owning! He is highly trained in the arena, a total dream on the trails, a handy partner on the ranch, safe for the entire family, and as a bonus trained to drive a wagon!


Lot 15: BCR BOONLIGHT N BLUE (Snickers)

2016 AQHA Gelding

Snickers is 100% gentle for any level rider. He's got a heart of gold and the kindest disposition imaginable in a horse. With more whoa than go, nothing rattles him. He rides around just as fancy as he looks; spins, lead changes and sliding stops.



Lot 16: Z
2009 Friesian Gelding
Z is a VERY special Friesian!
He has done it all: been under the lights, competed in dressage & working equitation, handles all types of terrain, has ranch experience, been roped off, ponied wayward colts and has even come out of the heading box a number of times.


Lot 17: TAMUC WIMPY CD (Gizmo)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Once you meet Gizmo, odds are, you won't forget him! From his striking good looks, to his can-do attitude and endearing personality, this gelding is hands-down a barn favorite.


Lot 18: CATA RESYN (Scratch)

2012 AQHA Gelding

Scratch himself has won around $2,400 in the NCHA, is a PRCA money earning head horse, nice break away horse, and is as gentle and broke down the trail as they come.


Lot 19: IM TO STYLISH (Beau)

2017 AQHA Gelding

A big pretty hip, show and ranch experience and a fancy handle you will love; Beau is the whole package.


Lot 20: SAN REY CAT (Zero)

2014 AQHA Gelding

Steady, steady, steady; no matter what you throw at him, Zero is the same steady mount. This summer he took little Teagan to the Overall Grand Champion title in the Ranch Pleasure against 80 other horses!


Lot 21: CHIEF BOON SCOOTER (Seminole)

2015 APHA Gelding

Seminole has a resume as long as your arm! Ranch Rodeo World Finals qualifier, 2020 APHA world champion (heading) horse and 2x reserve world champion (heeling, steer stopping) horse. Gentle and fancy every day!



2017 AQHA Gelding

You will absolutely fall in love with his kind easy going personality, perfect manners, and beautiful way of moving! Tarzan is the all in one, total package!



2017 AQHA Gelding

Head turning good looks, super easy-going and safe every day. Mack is big enough for a big man and quiet enough for a timid rider.


Lot 24: Sunset Ridge Romeo

2017 Gypsy-Cross Gelding

He's fancy broke, rides collected and smooth. He can turn on a dime and sit on his butt, with all the ground manners you could ever ask for.


Lot 25: AN IRISH SHINER (Poncho)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Young with a lifetime of experience, and AQHA Ranch Heritage eligible, take those ranch skills and go win some classes in the Ranch Riding.


Lot 26: Arizona

2017 Friesian-Cross Gelding

Here is one cool dude! Gorgeous color and movement and a truly fancy handle! Ride him out on the trail, in the arena or completely at liberty; the choice is yours.


Lot 27: MAJOR T JAY GRAY (Major)

2014 AQHA Gelding

A big hipped gelding with an easy handle for the Ranch Riding class and loads of ranch experience.


Lot 28: SPECIAL KIT KAT (Possum)

2016 AQHA Gelding

Here is the "real deal" kind of gelding! Possum is so handsome and a perfect gentleman in all situations. Go cut, rope, ranch, or trail ride and do it all in style! If you have a one horse trailer, this will be the one you load.


Lot 29: Fin

2016 Gypsy Gelding

Sweet natured, easy to ride and a solid citizen all around; Fin is destined to be your family's favorite horse.


Lot 30: DRS SWEEPEA SMOKE (Boogie)

2016 AQHA Gelding

Boogie is quiet, gentle, safe, all of that and fancy to boot! Kid friendly and grandparent approved! Any level rider for this guy.


Lot 31: GREYT MYSTIC (Fajita)

2011 AQHA Gelding

This horse is THICK with a ton of shape, hoof and bone! Fajita is always gentle and calm. Head steers, ride the trails or work the ranch.



2016 AQHA Gelding

Having dabbled in trail riding, heeling and dressage, this big pretty gelding is ready to go your direction.


Lot 33: SONITAS SMART REY (Nightlight)

2012 AQHA Gelding

Nightlight is a been there done that seen it all type of gelding. There is no nonsense just saddle up and enjoy.


Lot 34: CASH DUSTY DRIFT (Dusty)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Here is a cute, cute, cute dapple buckskin gelding with a great mind and the handle everyone likes.


Lot 35: Pretty Boy

2016 Halflinger Cross Gelding

Where will you find another one like him? From heeling to riding the trails, Pretty Boy is kid and grandma safe and will turn heads everywhere he goes.



2013 AQHA Gelding

If you are looking for a confidence booster, THIS is your horse. Safe for kids to ride in the big open country, or timid ropers to ride in the branding pen.


Lot 37: PLAYIN BLUEGRASS (Bluegrass)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Bluegrass has been in good hands his entire life and it shows; AQHA points, perfect ground manners, trail experience in the Ozark Mountains and a truly loving personality.



2017 AQHA Mare

Abby is stunning!!! She has the color, talent, build, and the breeding. Trained cowhorse by a top trainer and can be taken in whatever direction you want to go!


Lot 39: COCKTAIL SHINER (Martini)

2016 AQHA Gelding

Even though Martini is royally bred in the reining, and has the talent that goes with it, his real forte is going out on the trail and being someone’s best friend. He is looking to make someone's horsey dreams come true.



2016 AQHA Gelding

Chrome and shape for days! Behr always saddles up quiet and gentle to take to the show pen or down the trails.



2015 AQHA Gelding

DP is the product of 50 years of dedicated breeding for cow sense, usability and athleticism. AQHA Ranch Heritage eligible and all the ability to back it up.


Lot 42: Big Step

2016 Draft-Cross Gelding

This is a one of a kind black Friesian/Percheron/Quater Horse cross and I can promise you there is not another one as gentle, broke, kind, willing, talented or as beautiful as him! He is the total package!



2017 AQHA Gelding

Batman is the kind of horse that only comes around once in a lifetime. He checks all the boxes - color, shape, pedigree and an outstanding quiet temperament.


Lot 44: GREEDY POCO BUCK (Hippie)

2015 AQHA Gelding

Big and built and broke to ride! Enjoy him as a head horse, throw the kids on him, sort cows on the ranch or enjoy a trail ride.



2017 AQHA Gelding

Milo is the whole package: Looks, confirmation and ability wrapped up in a gentle, easy to operate package!



2016 AQHA Mare

Lilly is a big, stout, beautiful bay mare. She is sired by Lazy Loper, an AQHA Top 5 leading sire. Lilly carries the ultimate smooth pleasure ride that you will love. She is wonderful on trails and loves being put to work.


Lot 47: MAKE MINE WHIZKEY (Whiskey)

2018 AQHA Gelding

Very fashionable pedigree, with that shiny color, fancy handle and all the tricks you would expect from Buckeye Acre Farms.



2016 AQHA Gelding

Big hip, coal black and gentle as they come; what's not to love about Zorro?


Lot 49: SHINED UP SHINER (Toothpick)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Smart, willing, inquisitive, athletic and personality for days. This is a SPECIAL gelding! Safe and push-button for anyone. Go to the show pen and have some fun!



2016 AQHA Gelding

Remington is truly a perfect pick for the entire family. This gorgeous gelding has been exposed to a little bit of everything and takes it all in stride.


Lot 51: DESPURRATO (Ketchup)

2017 AQHA Gelding

Ketchup is a nice gelding that has the experience, training and ability to go in any direction. He is gentle, fun to ride, and willing to please.


Lot 52: BLUE TRIGGER (Blue)

2012 AQHA Gelding

You don't find these everyday! Thick made, safe grulla gelding with the experience you want.



2017 AQHA Gelding

Not just movie star good looks, but an actual movie star! Take him to the Ranch Riding classes, turn some steers or enjoy him on the trails.